How Thailand Changed My Life

Thailand gave me many memorable adventures and a few challenges. A quick peak..


-phuket elephant sanctuary

-new years eve celebrations

-the similan islands

-Gibbon rehabilitation project


-missed return flight from Bangkok to the states which cost me an extra 1200$

-food poisoning

-the phuket zoo

-hotel issues

On this trip I learned that anything that can go wrong will, and that must be one of the reasons why people are afraid of traveling especially so far from home.  Want to know the strangest part? This trip has been my favorite so far which completely proves that life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  Yes, I got food poisoning, dealt with huge language barriers at the airport after my connecting flight was 6 hours late!( which never got resolved and I had to buy a whole new one way ticket home which cost much more than my round trip ticket for this trip.). Saw more animal cruelty in 2 hours at the zoo than I have in one year back home, and fell pray to hotel scams despite awesome reviews on trip advisor.  But after all of that, combined with the amazing things I experienced  like the wonderful phuket elephant sanctuary in phuket Thailand, the Gibbon rehabilitation project, and our friendly knowledgeable tour guides who took us on a day trip to dive the similan islands, I wouldn’t trade this trip for anything in the world!

Experiencing a world so different than what you are used to will change your life for the better weather you realize it or not.


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